Are You An Embarrassment?

16 November 2012, 09:03 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Has anyone ever told you you’re an embarrassment?

Apparently I’m really embarrassing in public, when telling stories I get really excited and very loud and start waving my arms about.

I’m always being told to sshhhhh!

So we were asking are you the embarrass-er or the embarrass-ee?

A lot of our response was from people saying how much they loved and actually enjoyed embarrassing other people.

Our favourite one was from Donna from Waterbeach who waits at the school gates to pick up her kids, with a melted wispa in her mouth and then when her kids come out in front of everyone she smiles with chocolate all over her teeth so it looks like some are actually missing!

16th November - Donna Embarressed