We’ve Been On Snow Stand-By Today!

18 January 2013, 10:14 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

With all this talk of SNOW we thought we’d play Snow’lebrities today, where you make a celebrity name more snow based. For instance Kate WinSLEET, get it?

Infact there wasn’t many celebrities that we couldn’t make more weather related, even Justin Timberlake, he became, Justin Frozen-lake.

If your brain is being dormant at any point, have a little go see if you can beat any of these:

Eddie Blizzard,
Flake Lively,
Morgan Freezeman,
Mark Iceberg,
Aston Very-Cold from JLS instead of Merrygold.

And the winner of the morning had to be Adrian from Peterborough who beat my Jennifer Snowpez with a snow based celebrity couple, Brad Gritt and Angelina Snowlie!