Who’s Ever Cried at the Cinema?

29 November 2012, 10:21 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Kev admitted today that he’d welled up at the latest Bond movie and the new Bradley Cooper movie, Silver Linings.

And to those who think it isn’t manly to cry Kev hit back with

‘A man without tissues is a man with issues’

It's good to have a little weepy moment every now and again, and we found films were the one thing that got us all at some point, from Bambi to Cool Running’s to the very last bit of the Railway Children.

And we couldn’t find one person who back in the day hadn’t cried at Surprise Surprise!

Just be careful which tissues you use as I learnt the hard way after reaching for one which was actually a vaporised tissue for colds – that made my eyes sting.