Kev & Ros Find Lizzie A Bob

Ever since Kev's mum found love in a man called Bob, Kev & Ros have been determined to find a Bob to love for someone else...

Lizzie was the lucky listener looking for love, who Kev and Ros decided to find a 'Bob' for. So we invited Lizzie down to the Heart studios, to take part in a spot of radio speed dating...

Radio Speed Date

We found three men willing to come on, join our radio speed date, and answer a few fun questions before Lizzie made her choice;

Rich admitted he was most like a cat,

Dave said he’d tickle her until she laughed,

and Bob said he was most like a wellington boot coz he liked to get dirty sometimes!

It was a tough choice but Lizzie went for Rich,

But we didn't leave it there!

As it was Valentine's Day and Lizzie was single and without a date for the big night, we thought we’d help her out and send both her, and her new found 'Bob' (Rich) off on a romantic Valentine's date.

The Date

We sent Lizzie and Rich to the beautiful Cross Keys Hotel - in Chatteris, for a delicious, and romance filled dinner.

Here's a photo of how they looked after thier date, did it go well? Have a listen...