Kev's 'Back to School'

Starting school is terrifying, daunting but also exciting.

The little blighters, all aged around 4, have no idea what awaits them, as they enter that classroom in their oversized school uniforms.

Swapping the comfort of home for a daily routine of lessons, at such a young and tender age, can’t be easy for parent or child. Suddenly a strange person called Miss is in charge of you. Miss sometimes shouts at you, and you are not aloud to interrupt her, or cling onto her skirt.  And as for Mum, although she might suddenly get her life back, and I guarantee this is true, when that September day comes she will cry a river.

It is heartbreaking in some ways as a huge new chapter in your child’s life has just started, and you will never again sit them in front of a Barney DVD while you peg out the washing. All of a sudden you are not the only influence on that child. And you worry yourself sick that your little one might get bullied at break-time. Or that they wee themselves because they are too scared to ask to go to the toilet.

Of course in Reception year it’s not really about learning Maths and English, but getting used to the routine of school, and learning how to stand in line brilliantly.

My friend’s daughter Amalie started school last week, and came home on her very first day screaming with excitement that she had eaten cheese for the first time. She also made eight new best friends. And yet standing outside the gates waiting to go in, she had held on to her mums hand so tightly, that her fingers had turned white.

Some mums claimed to be too emotional, and had to get the dads to do that day-one drop-off.  Grown-ups were seen walking away from the school with shaking shoulders, and in floods of tears.

You are torn in two. Because you know that if they run in to class all excited and confident you are going to be gutted if they don’t even look back. But if they do the opposite, and stand crying and clinging next to you saying ‘please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me,’ it is just as heart wrenching.

My own kids are 6 and 9, so the ‘newbie’ stage is long gone. The issues are different now.
My lad in the summer discovered an obsession with football, and already has new playground friends which worries me, because his old friends don’t like football, and consequently may be upset with him. I am worried about the aftermath of the friendship meltdown.

As for my girl, it is now all about who her best friend is (this changes on a day to day basis.) Also, she now ‘has’ to have her ears pierced because Elianna has hers done. My plan is to google ‘ripped ears’ and show her the pictures’ that come up – which should put her off the idea – at least for now.

Are you dealing with Back to School issues? Do you remember your first day at school. Email us below.