Minute to Win It

Fancy playing Minute To Win It with Jim and Emma? It's our new Breakfast contest where all you have to do is answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds and you could win some great prizes.

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Get five out of ten correct, and you'll win a prize thanks to Jim and Emma. Get all ten right and you'll win a highly sought-after Heart Breakfast Winner Certificate!

Here's some questions that we've asked recently.

 Chasing Cars was a hit for which band? 
 Name the hit movie featuring Michael Jackson that is currently showing in cinemas? 
 In which town would you find the Millennium Grandstand?
 In which sport could you serve a double fault? 
 Which author wrote the book ‘A Christmas Carol’? 
 What is a quarter of 800? 
 If I’m in Reykjavik which country am I in? 
 In which family game might you hear the cry ‘Left foot blue’?   
 In what county is Royston in?  

Think you could have answered those questions correctly? Sign up to take part below - good luck!