Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you

Thank you Lisa for doing Race for Life with me.
Mary x x

To Michelle Hinchcliffe

Well done Mich and all your family your mum would have been so proud of you all she really was a special lady.
Love ya

For Andrew Self

I lost both my Granddads to cancer over the years, two men i greatly respected and loved, and in October 2008 I lost one of the most important men in my life ANDREW SELF, he was my inspiration, a true friend, as close as a brother without sharing a blood link, and as close as my husband without the wedding ring, I miss him every second i breath, this was the first year that i did this as i felt too emotional previously, but i did it was andy holding my hand. Love and support to all those affected by cancer

We did Andy proud

Well done to Becky and Liz salmon, for completing the race for life at colchester university with me today, we all did andy proud, and Becky i am really proud of you, next year Liz I will try to beat you across the line. Love you girls!!!!

Andrea and Kasie

Well done to my daughter Andrea and my Grandaughter Kasie for doing so well she was the youngest under 12 to finish the race. they did the race in memory of my best friend Jackie Turner who died of cancer at christmas after a years fight xxx

My Incredible mum

Well done for walking side by side with myself and your half pint grandaughter. You did amazingly well especially as you dont walk anywere, you are recovering from your opp and due to start Chemo. Keep up the good work! Next year we could be running race for life! Well done to everyone who took part it was a very emotional day and an amazing amount of pink!!!!
Carol Sellen


Well done Tas, who run the race with a stinking cold. Im so proud of you.

Jessica, Bethany, Ashley, Lola

3 Best Friends who are 8 years old and Sister 12 completed the Race for Life with their Mums & Stacey. We are so so proud of you all for such a Wonderful Achievement!!  Love you all loads XXXX

Leanne Bursill

The Race for Life This Year Was Excellent! I ran In Loving Memory of My grandad and my bestfriends dad! Well done to all the Women who took part!

Megan Church...

Well done to my wonderful 18yr old daughter and her best friend Charlotte Tannett. Megan cares for her Nan on a daily basis who at 62yrs of age has terminal pancreatic cancer. Charlotte lost her nan to cancer a few months ago !! Well done girls x
Sharon Whitby

Maria Hewitt

We have just done our first Race for Life in Castle Park, Colchester. We lost our dad last year to this horrible disease he was taken so quick that we are still trying to come to terms with it, don't think we ever will through and wanted to do some thing to help in any small way we can, we had a great day and knew that dad would be looking down and be proud, love and miss him lots. We have also signed up to do it all again next year, can't wait.well done everyone who as run or are about to run. have a great time.

Tracey Russell, Hayley Garner....

well done tracey russell,hayley garner,shirley n jodie meggs,babs hinchcliffe for doing the race for life, it was great fun doing the race this year and had wicked outfits plus my lil daughter got to do her 1st one at 3momths 3weeks! even tho she slept with me carrying her all the way lol! cnt wait till next year!!!! love ya all Faye

Riana, Abbey, Kelly and Eleaner

Riana, Abbey, Kelly and Eleaner.  Well done for taking part in the Race for life and for completing it. You did gr8!!


Fantastic morning! Thanks Mum and Caz for doing it with me and for making me beat my time I set myself! Well done to all the other ladies, children and dogs too! Together we will make a difference.See you all next year!
Sam x

Best Mum

Thank you Mum for doing the race for life with me after being ill for 2 weeks. you have been a great support to me all the way through the run, and I love you loads and loads.
Lots of love, Hannah Mabon xxxxx 10


Thank you Sophia for doing this with me!!! :) xxx


Well Done Mummy, told you we would do it.  Next yeah, super speedy!!!

Hannah Mabon

Well done to my daughter Hannah Mabon age 10 who completed the race in under 36 minutes. I'm so proud of you love MUM xxxx


Well done Lizzie, 26:30 impressive!!


Thanks Charlotte for coming and doing the Race for life with me!!
Love you lots Ju-Ju xxx


This year myself and my daughters have taken part in the Race for Life in support for my dad who is undergoing treatment for Prostate cancer.  The event was very humbling and well done to everyone who has taken part.  With events like this we can continue to fight cancer and give hope to everyone.