Colchester Mental Health Funding Crisis

5 February 2010, 06:29 | Updated: 5 February 2010, 06:42

North Essex could lose a valuable mental health service because of a lack of money.

The Haven in Colchester helps people with personality disorders, but their social inclusion unit has lost its funding.

It's now thought many people will lose support that helps them access things like new housing, education and employment.

The centre itself was set up five years ago as part of a Department of Health pilot.

But now local funders have pulled their financial support because of the economic crisis.

Rebecca Atwater from the Haven Project says: "It's  really important for us to raise this money.

"Clients at the Haven haven't had a chance in life."

"We struggle with the stigma attached to our label."

"People don't actually focus on the people who've got the diagnosis."

"We've all got completely different backgrounds whether it's an abusive childhood, bereavement or trouble in our adulthood."