Colchester Soldiers Ready At Short Notice

11 October 2011, 06:00

Soldiers from 16 Air Assault will be the first port of call if the army needs to send troops abroad at short notice.

The brigade is resuming its role as the Army's rapid response force.

It is what 16 Air Assault was originally set up to do before their involvement in operations in Afghanistan.

Troops are currently taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior in Scotland and the training will mean the force will be ready to deploy anywhere in the world at short notice.

Lieutenant Colonel James Coates OBE, Commanding Officer of 3 PARA, said: "This is a demanding exercise that reflects the current global situation and the type of operations that the Airborne Task Force could be called on to do.

"The tactical challenges set by this exercise and the expeditionary nature of it is testing every element of the battle group. It helps us develop an idea of the challenges the ABTF role will present and ensures we can establish the foundations to build from to prepare for whatever is asked of us."