Cute Dog Alert!!!!

RSPCA workers in North Essex are trying out a new idea to encourage more people to consider rehoming animals.

Staff at the Danaher Centre in Weathersfield are taking some of their dogs out with special bright yellow "Adopt Me" vests.

They're focusing on Town Centres like Colchester to show the animals off to as many people as possible.

It's the first time the idea has been tried out and staff say they're already having a positive response to it with several people coming over to find out more.

Deborah, who works at the centre, told Heart: "We have got a lot of dogs that have been at the centre for quite some time and we decided if we haven't got people coming to look at the dogs ... we'll take the dogs to the people.

"We're pretty busy throughout the year.  We have had a dog dumped on Christmas Eve one year so (pets being given as Christmas presents) is still a problem."