Local Support For Hunt Still Strong

18 February 2010, 05:50 | Updated: 18 February 2010, 06:06

Residents still support hunting according to the Essex and Suffolk Hunt.

It's the fifth anniversary of a ban stopping Hunts from using dogs. Heart has spoken to the hunt which uses land around South Suffolk and North Essex. The Essex and Suffolk Hunt is based just outside of Hadleigh. They continue to hunt, using a bird of prey to catch foxes now.

The League Against Cruel Sports says more than 100 people have been successfully prosecuted under the Hunting Act since its introduction in 2005. These figures can be misleading though, as dog owners whose pets chase and kill a rabbit can be prosecuted under this law.

Meanwhile Sir Paul McCartney is backing a campaign to make sure the hunting ban stays in place. There are fears the Tories may allow the hunting of animals like foxes and hares if they win the general election.

Do you agree with the hunting ban?