Man Jailed For Uni Of Essex Attack

24 November 2011, 16:36 | Updated: 24 November 2011, 16:46

A Colchester man is starting a five year jail sentence for the attempted rape of a University of Essex student.

The attack happened when a then 18-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on the main campus in Colchester just off a path at the back of a lecture theatre at 2am on Thursday, October 7th 2010.

A few days after Soban Ikram was arrested at an address in Colchester. The then 22-year-old student from Lightship Way in the town was subsequently charged with two counts of attempted rape.

Following a three-day trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, he was found guilty today (Thursday, September 15, 2011) of both offences.

Investigating Officer, Dc Tim Harris, said: "This young woman showed great fortitude when forced by her attacker to give evidence against him in open court.

"Soban Ikram insisted she do so despite the weight of evidence against him which included CCTV, forensics and multiple witnesses. When his own turn came to give evidence, his account was littered with fabrication and he even accused the police of using bullying tactics during his interview which was plainly false.

"Since he was arrested, he has consistently complained of his treatment by the British justice system and insisted the victim's complaint was baseless.

"At trial the jury saw straight through Soban Ikram’s tissue of lies and rightly convicted him on both counts. At sentencing today he finally got a custodial sentence for those crimes, a sentence he richly deserved.

"We will continue to support all victims of such crimes, encouraging them to come forward and have faith that they will be listened to and cared for."

Soban Ikram was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period of time.