ASB Clampdown - Better Response For Victims

A pioneering approach to Anti-social behaviour (ASB) means better and faster support for victims, it means the police, councils and fire service can work more closely together, rather than in isolation, to enhance and improve existing services and to reduce the impact of ASB and environmental issues.

Across Cornwall and Devon for the 12 month period ending 31st October 2011 there were 77, 466 ASB incidents which equates to 46 crimes per 1000 population.

55,963 or 77% of incidents were related to rowdy, nuisance and inconsiderate behaviour.

ASB figures are down for the 4th successive year in a row, efforts are now being focussed on improving victims experience of how ASB and environmental issues are tackled and speeding up response times to deal with such issues.

In North Devon where the scheme is being piloted - in the first 3 months - it's already identified 14 individuals who are at risk.

Like Mary Fox who was killed in 2009 after a firework was shoved through her letterbox, one of those responsible already had a rare nationwide order.

Mary was also a hoarder and so was more at risk of coming to harm from the ASB committed against her.

It's hoped cases like Mary's will soon become a thing of the past.
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