Call For More Foster Carers

21 January 2015, 14:56 | Updated: 21 January 2015, 14:58

More than 400 children in Cornwall are still look gin for a home.

Cornwall Council has more than 270 families on its books who foster but is calling on more to come forward.

There are more than 440 children looking for a home.

Rebecca Sargent, the manager for the Fostering Service, said many of the children who needed homes were older and some were in sibling groups.

"Not many people realise that we need many different types of foster carers. At present, we specifically need foster carers who can look after the same child or young person on a permanent basis. 

"We also need foster carers for older children and sibling groups, both on a short term fostering and permanent basis."

Hester has been a long term foster carer for more than 5 years and says she's learnt an awful lot from the children she's looked after.

"It's overwhelmingly affected us, it has transformed our lives. To watch young people grow and develop and become more comfortable in their own skin is a real privilege".


To find out more about becoming a foster carer, call the Fostering Team on 01872 323 638 or visit