Call To Hand In Council House Keys

13 January 2015, 16:08 | Updated: 13 January 2015, 16:10

After successful schemes in other parts of the country, Cornwall Council is holding a Key Amnesty.

It means that anyone who's either not living in or is illegally subletting their council owned home, can hand the keys back without being investigated.

It's going on until the 28th February, and Cornwall Council are hoping they'll get a number of properties back into proper use by families in need.

It's thought there could be around 200 council owned homes in Cornwall which aren't being used, or are being rented illegally.

If caught illegally subletting a council owned house, you could get a hefty fine and a criminal record, but Cornwall Council are encouraging people to hand in their keys to avoid any investigation.

Cornwall Council's Fraud team have been working since August 2014 to tackle those who are illegally renting out their homes.

Joyce Duffin Says " It costs around £18,000 a year to house a family in temporary accommodation. There is a huge pressure on the supply of social housing making it imperative that the housing we do have goes to those in genuine need of help".

Residents wishing to report anyone they suspect of illegally subletting a council owned property are being urged to contact the council's fraud team.