Changing People's Perceptions

For World Down Syndrome Day, blogger and Mum, Hayley Goleniowska shares her story

For World Down Syndrome Day, Heart's been talking to a mum from Cornwall who's trying to break down barriers and destroy the stigma attached to children born with Down Syndrome. 

Hayley Goleniowska has a daughter, Natalia, who has Down Syndrome. She write's a blog,, to help parents better understand the condition. 

Down Syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. It can occur in any pregnancy, to any woman, of any age, and is not caused through the fault of anyone. 

Hayley admits that when her second daughter Natty, was born, she didn't know what to expect. She knew nothing about Down Syndrome.

But now, she's using her blog, and charity work to raise awareness and ensure that families have the support and advice from people who understand what they're going through. 

Children with Down Syndrome lead full lives, and Hayley wants to change people's perceptions of children with disabilities. 

DS model Natty



Natty has taken part in a national photoshoot for World Down Syndrome Day, to not only raise money for various associated charities, but also to show the huge strides they've made in including children with disabilities in advertising. 

Eight models with Down Syndrome were gathered together at the home of the Down Syndrome Association for the photoshoot, which has been used in the national press. 

   Photoshoot Down's Syndrome


Hayley has stripped off to raise money, by taking part in a naked photo shoot... wearing only a pair of mis-matched socks, celebrating the body that created her beautiful daughter Natalia, and her older sister.  

You can listen to our interview with Hayley: LISTEN HERE