Cornish Cross Lifted Into Place

21 April 2013, 12:00 | Updated: 21 April 2013, 12:07

The 20 metre Cornish Cross was lifted into place alongside the Tamar Bridge at Saltash last night.

After a 128 mile trip from Newquay via Exeter, the Cross was erected during Saturday night. A 100 tonne crane lifted the structure and a second 80 tonne crane was used to guide it into position.

The Tamar Bridge slip road was partially closed to allow the sculpture to be bolted into place.

 Spokesperson for the Project and Chair of the Saltash Waterfront Resident’s Association, Liam Bradley said: 

“It has taken 3 years to get the Cross in place and it looks remarkable. Simon’s vision has created a stunning piece of public art that will stand as a monument to Cornwall for years to come. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their commitment and enthusiasm”

The sculpture was originally designed by Cornish artist Simon Thomas for the Millennium celebrations. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional Celtic Cross, inspired by the Neolithic landscape of Cornwall, its engineering heritage and the modern forward-looking Cornish identity.

The Cornish Cross, which is part of the wider Elwell Woods regeneration project, is supported by the Big Lottery Fund Community Spaces Programme, administered by Groundwork UK. 

The project has also received funding and support from Cornwall Council, Saltash Town Council and the Duchy of Cornwall.