Cornish Pupils Taught Life Saving Skills

68 schools across the Duchy have so far signed up to ‘Heart Start’ with more coming on board

Penair School in Truro is one of the schools taking part.

Heart was there to see some of the pupils practicing Emergency Life Support on a 50 thousand pound mannequin, brought in by the Royal Cornwall Hospital; the idea is to make the training as real life as possible.

Coronary Heart Disease is still the UK’s single biggest killer and with only a quarter of us trained in CPR - survival rates stand at just 10%. 

Elsewhere though, in places like Seattle in America, all children are given life saving training as mandatory, seeing a much higher survival rate of 46%.

The 'Heart Start' scheme shows someone what to do if someone collapses and how to make an emergency call, it's part of a national campaign to get ELS added to the school curriculum.