Cornwall's Biggest Drugs Gang Smashed

Members of Cornwall's biggest drug gang have been jailed for more than 100-years at Truro Crown Court on Friday 21st June. 

Police seized more than eight hundred thousand pounds worth of cocaine, anphetamine and cannabis during the 3 year operation. 

20 people were arrested in total - 18 of those have previously pleaded guilty and the other two were found guilty in court trials. 

Two women were among those sentenced. 

The gangs were working separately within Newquay and Falmouth and travelling as far north as Greater Manchester to deal. 

The first drug seizure happened on the south bound carriageway of the M5 in Devon in October 2010 when 4kg of cocaine with a street value of £180,000 was found in a van. 

Several seizures were made over the following 9 months with sentences taking place all this week. 

The full breakdown of sentencing is as follows: 

  • Anthony Bird 6 years imprisonment 
  • Matthew Bird 12 years 
  • Sarah Morgan 6 months (suspended for one year) 
  • Ian Smith 6 years 
  • Samual Tucker 9 years 
  • Joseph Tucker 10.5 years 
  • Ian Singleton 10 years 
  • Jason Carter 8 years 
  • John Fullard 5 years 
  • Brian Callaghan 5years 
  • Michelle Mageean 9 months (suspended for one year) 
  • Michael Dean Thom 5 years 
  • Jack Clark 4 years 
  • Andrew Christopher Smith 2.5 years 
  • Jon Hughes 6 months (to run consecutively to current sentence) 
  • Roy Jones 13 years Roy Wilks 5 years 
  • William Mason 3.5 years 
  • Michael George Thom 2.5 years 
  • Kevin Waller 6 years 


David Dale, the Senior Investigating Officer of the case, said: "We've reduced the supply of drugs not only across Cornwall but obviously from the North into Cornwall itself. 

"We've taken the fight back up to the North and arrested people there so it's going to be a lot more difficult for local suppliers in Cornwall to get supply in the future."