Council Workers Paid More Than PM

6 August 2014, 15:01 | Updated: 6 August 2014, 15:04

The Town Hall Rich List has been released, which claims 12 employees of Cornwall Council are paid more than £100,000 per year.

Every year the Taxpayers Alliance releases it's Town Hall Rich list, a list of local authorities who're paying employees more than £100,000 a year.

According to the list, Cornwall Council has 12 employees on more than £100,000 with 5 of them being paid more than Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Taxpayers Alliance says the annual list let's us compare councils across the UK, and it shows that Cornwall Council pays three more people the higher wage than its neighbours in Devon.

Cornwall Council's Chief Executive has hit back at the report, saying the figures relate to well over a year ago, and since then they've made cuts of £1.2 million. 

Chief Executive Andrew Kerr said "Cornwall Council is committed to delivering value for money for council tax payers and is currently in the middle of a radical shake up of its management structure.

"The figures quoted by the TaxPayers Alliance relate to a period well over a year ago. Over the past six months we have reduced the number of Corporate Directors from six to three, and last month the number of heads of service was reduced from 23 to 15; a reduction of eight posts. 

"The salary band for the new Chief Executive was also reduced by 12%. As a result of these changes the number of staff with salary levels above £100,000 has now fallen to six. 

"The Heads of service will now be working on the detailed design of their services with their Corporate Director. This process, which will deliver further management and staffing savings, is expected to be completed by the Autumn."

Back in April, our Council tax was increased by 1.97%, which equates to 47 pence a week for a Band D property.

Heart asked some local people what they thought. One said "I'd rather they got paid a lot rather than footballers and actors".

But another said he didn't feel he got value for money for his council tax, saying "All I get for my money is the waste taken away. There's no street lights, no cleaning, so i don't get a great deal for my council tax".