Ex-Burglar Helps In Christmas Campaign

A former prolific offender who stole from homes and vehicles has joined forces with Devon and Cornwall Police to help prevent people from being a victim this Christmas. 

The 36-year-old racked up 324 offences for burglary and vehicle crime but is now helping police get the message across that 'Not everyone is welcome this Christmas'. 

It's taken him 2-years to turn his life around coming off drugs and getting two of his children back (aged 2 and 4) with his partner. 

He's a qualified chef and works for a charity and reckones that on some days he could make £400 in ten minutes through stealing. 


He claimed it was easy for him to steal when people left their doors or windows open, taking anything clearly visible, such as money, car keys, wallets, purses, laptops and mp3 players, looking for the little things that could easily be put into a plastic bag so no one would notice when I was walking away. 

He hopes that his advice will encourage homeowners to think more about securing their homes, vehicles and possessions in order to help prevent them from becoming a target. 

Detective Inspector Chris Yarwood 

Police will be delivering advice through leaflets, posters and street events across the counties, plus a small number of crime prevention Christmas cards direct to residents in key areas. 

  • Police advise members of the public to: 
  • Keep windows and doors secure at all times. 
  • Keep presents and valuables from outside view. 
  • Dispose of all boxes and packaging carefully, particularly from expensive presents, and do not leave it on show outside the house. 
  • Security mark gifts and valuables with your postcode and house number. 

Register items using the free service: www.immobilise.com which enables police to identify the owner of valuables if they are stolen.