Cornwall Fire Engines To Help In Kosova

Fire engines that have come to the end of their operational lives in Cornwall will soon be sent to Kosova.

A team from Rotary International Overseas Project Team (OPT) and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service will be setting off next week to hand them over.

The team will complete the 1,800 mile journey to Gjakovë, Pejë and Podujevë, driving the three decommissioned Land Rover fire and rescue vehicles.

The team made up of Rotarians from Bodmin, Falmouth, Launceston, St Ives Bay and Wadebridge, along with Station Manager Robert Collins from Liskeard and CFRS mechanic Chris Ellis, will set off from Liskeard Fire Station on Friday 11 May.

Each vehicle will be equipped with water tanks, pumps and hoses and breathing apparatus equipment as well as ladders, hazardous chemical suits and life saving crash rescue equipment.

Kosova continues to struggle to rebuild its infrastructure following the devastating war with Serbia that ended in 1999.

The fire fighting services are poor and much over the years to provide modern equipment and training to the republic with the generous support and help of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

During the hot summer months tackling forest fires is a real problem - some stations fight 400 a year - more than one a day, and very few fire stations have 4 x 4 vehicles to transport firefighters to the scene.

Des Tidbury, Chief Fire Officer of CFRS said: "While these vehicles have come to the end of their operational role at CFRS, they will continue to help to save lives.

"I am pleased that we are able to continue to support the work of Rotary International."