Flood Rescue Teams Continue To Work Hard

12 people, two dogs and six cats have been rescued from Lostwithiel in Cornwall by the RNL's flood rescue teams. 

The River Fowey that flows through the middle of the town has receeded a little allowing people to return to their homes to begin the clean up process. 

But for dozens in the town it will be a miserable Christmas making do as there has been no chance to go out and get food and in some properties presents under the Christmas tree have been ruined. 

Sunday December 23rd there will be a short respite before the bad weather returns. 

Below is footage taken from the RNLI in Loswithiel as they went around houses rescuing people from their houses. 



The Environment Agency are warning people to be prepared for an increased risk of both surface water and flooding along with travel disruption. It's unlikely there will be any trains running in the Duchy til after Boxing Day. 

A severe weather warning is in place for the whole of the South West until Christmas Eve, with rain falling on already saturated ground. 

The advice is to prepare for the worst and try not to travel anywhere overnight or in the early hours of tomorrow morning.