Homelessness in Cornwall Likely to Rise

Heart's been visiting a local soup kitchen to see just how important volunteer run services are to those sleeping rough....

With colder nights and temperatures down to freezing as we approach Christmas ....now more than ever... volunteers are pulling together to help support those living on the streets of Cornwall 

Cornwall may be known to most as a haven for wealthy second homeowners - but it's also where many homeless people seek refuge....

In fact Corwall has one of the highest numbers of rough sleepers in England - Between May and June last year 88 people were recorded to have slept on the streets across the Duchy for more than a week 

Heart's Karly Wilson has been to visit the United Reformed Church in Newquay where they serve up around 40 lunches everyday.

The soup kitchen started in Newquay 14 years ago after recognising a real need but it not only offers food and a place to keep warm during the day, but is in fact more than that - it's also a place where people seek emotional and practical support from volunteers 

Volunteers help the towns rough sleepers by providing them with clean clothes, sleeping bags, a hot meal, an address and can even sometimes source them their birth certificate for when they're looking for work and applying for benefits. 

There are fears, however that we'll see a further explosion of homelessness as we see more cuts to local services and a lack of jobs 

The church opens Monday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's for coffee morning between 10am and 12 noon where holiday makers and locals can pop in for a snack...before the soup kitchen opens to those less fortunate - the money raised from the coffee mornings helps run the free service for the towns homeless 

You can visit the United Reformed Church website at www.newquayurc.org.uk OR pop in yourself at Newquay United Reformed Church, Bank Street, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1DJ 

01637 874137 

Email: office"newquayurc.org.uk 

At the back of the church ''Link'' also runs mental health/counselling support services for the homeless, where they can also get information on housing, benefits, sign-posting and seek assistance with appointments 

You can contact Link on either 07583150864 or 07960807831