Liskeard Mystery Kitten

24 April 2013, 06:00

In a case that would be the bafflement of Scotland Yard, RSPCA staff were left scratching their heads after a tiny kitten was discovered stuck between the wall cavity of a first floor flat, with no indication of how he got there – or how he managed to survive so long.

For five days a tenant, from Liskeard, South east Cornwall, had heard meowing coming from inside the walls of his flat. 

After becoming increasingly concerned about the plight of the animal he contacted the RSPCA last Friday (19 April). RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Felicity Cross arrived at the scene. 

“The flat was in the process of being sold, when the tenant heard the poor cat wailing and moving behind the wall. After frantically searching for any way to get to it, we realised the only chance of saving it would be to make a hole. We managed to get hold of the estate agents who were handling the sale and while they were initially very reluctant to help – after liaising with the fire and rescue service they kindly agreed to let us knock a few small holes in the wall in order to rescue the kitten!” 

It took a couple of hours to get to the cat and when they finally rescued him, AWO Cross was flabbergasted to discover that the kitten was just six week old and weighed only 150g (less than a bar of chocolate). 

The kitten – that has since been named Macavity- was rushed to the vet, where he was treated for severe dehydration and weight loss. Despite his ordeal he has responded well to bit of TLC and put on a staggering 520g in two days! 

“What was even more surprising is that we undertook a thorough search of the property, including the loft and we couldn’t find any sign of the mother, or any other kittens. There was absolutely no indication of how Macavity got there. He really is a mystery cat!”

 The RSPCA is waiting to see if anyone comes forward to claim Macavity, and if not, he will be rehomed once he's in full health.