Newquay Volunteers Keeps Revellers Safe

Newquay attracts many stag and hen do's and volunteers are helping to reduce pressure on ambulance and police services

Street safe has been running for several years in Newquay and saves front line services thousands of pounds every year 

Heart's Karly Wilson joined the team to see just how busy a Friday night out on the town can get....

A mobile unit's located in the centre of town and is manned by volunteers ready to help at any point - they can usually be found between the hours of 9pm and 3am Friday and Saturday nights

In a partnership between police, the ambulance service and street pastors - visitors to the town are kept safe - reducing extra pressure put on paramedics and hospitals by drink or drug related incidents 

And as Special Constable Andy Robins told me - they're able to put a stop to a situation with potential to become far more serious later 

Over the course of the weekend around 10 people in total were supported by streetsafe volunteers - some were even given lifts home in the teams unmarked vehicles, when taxi's refused to take them - but the number of people who use Streetsafe's services can fluctuate from weekend to weekend and is at it's busiest during the summer months.

The project's been so successful a pilot scheme's now been rolled out in Plymouth - a mobile unit on North Hill will be there every Saturday for the next three months - if it works the trial could be extended


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