No Safety Device In Accident Boat

The driver of a speedboat which killed two members of the same family as it raged out of control in a coastal beauty spot in Cornwall was not attached to a safety device designed to cut power in an emergency, investigators have said. 

51-year old Nick Milligan, was declared dead at the scene in Padstow with his 8-year old daughter Emily, following the incident on Sunday, May 5th. 

39-year old Victoria, and the couple's other children Amber, Olivia, and Kit, aged 10, 8 and 4 respectively were also injured by the speedboat as it circled at high speed. 

The family, from south west London, were on holiday in the coastal town when they were thrown from the boat which went ''out of control'' and struck them. 

Initial investigations by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), published today, said members of the family were "run over'' in the water after they were thrown from the inflatable boat at speed on the Camel Estuary. 

The report states: "The (boat) was fitted with a kill cord, but this was not attached to the driver at the time of the accident.'' 

The runaway boat went on to inflict other injuries on water users until water skiing instructor Charlie Toogood leapt from his own boat into the craft to turn off its engine and prevent further harm. 

He was subsequently declared a hero for his actions. 

The MAIB said a number of checks ought to be done to ensure the kill cord is effective in cutting the engine when the driver moves away from the controls. It has not been confirmed who was driving the boat at the time of the incident.

Following the publication of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch’s Safety Bulletin, the RYA is reminding everyone driving powerboats and RIBs to wear a kill cord.

They've produced this video: