Short Film Explains Benefit Changes

With changes to benefits set to come in in just over a weeks time, Cornwall Council have launched a short, easy to understand film so you can find out how you'll be affected.

Changes will be made to housing benefit, council tax benefit and disability living allowance from April 1st

Now, a short film to help explain the vast and complex changes to the benefits system has been launched at 
Using graphics and examples, to describe the different changes and how these will affect people living in Cornwall...the films been produced by Cornwall Housing and Cornwall Council   
The changes, brought about by the Government's Welfare Reform Act 2012, alter how much, how and when many benefits are paid in the future.  So, with the start date for some of the changes (April 1st) looming; Cornwall Housing and the Council want to make sure everyone knows what is happening and who to contact to get more information. 
The film can be watched at



It summarises:

  • Changes to housing benefit - under occupancy
  • Changes to council tax benefit in Cornwall - maximum 75% benefit  
  •  Introduction of a 'benefit cap' - new maximum total benefits for a household
  •  Changes to Disability Living Allowance - reassessment and moving over to Personal Independence Payment 
  •  Introduction of 'Universal Credit' - many benefits pooled into a single monthly payment
    This film joins many other communications and work carried out by Cornwall Housing and the Council to prepare and support residents, Council tenants and other organisations for the changes. 

Cornwall Housing Managing Director Jane Barlow says "There are so many changes that affect many, many people in Cornwall.  Cornwall Housing and the Council have been doing great work together to help make sure information and advice is available for everyone."
More information can be found at and