South West: EXCLUSIVE David Cameron Interview

8 November 2013, 08:23

Heart has spoken EXCLUSIVELY to Prime Minister David Cameron.

We asked him about a number of topics, which are affecting people across Devon and Cornwall.


Areas in Devon and Cornwall are amongst the most deprived in the country, and figures suggest that urban councils receive 50% more government grant per person than local authorities in rural areas. 

MP's have called the system biased and unfair, so our reporter Carrian Jones asked the Prime Minister why the government is planning to lock us into this unfair funding formula for at least the next six years?


David Cameron on Rural Funding


We asked him what he said in a telephone call earlier this week, to Russian President Vladimir Putin,  about the fate of Greenpeace activists and a videographer – three of which are from Devon.

Kieron Bryan, from Shebbear, Alex Harris, from Dolton, and Iain Rogers originally from Exeter had been charged with piracy after a protest at an Arctic oil platform at the end of September. 

The charges have now been downgraded to hooliganism, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years.




We also spoke to the Prime Minister about the state of the NHS in Cornwall.

In early October critics claimed the NHS hospital service in Cornwall came close to collapse. Fifty patients could not be moved out of hospital because they had nowhere else to go.

The ‘bed blocking’ was subject to a summit, finding out what went wrong and what lessons can be learnt.

The Prime Minister rejected claims that the NHS in Cornwall was underfunded.


David Cameron NHS Cornwall