Thousands Take To The Moors

Despite heavy rain in the run up to this year’s Ten Tors and the Jubilee Challenge, forecasters at the Met Office are predicting clear blue skies for the event itself.

Scores of teams have spent the day setting up their tents at Okehampton Camp under persistent drizzle, but this is expected to clear around Midnight leaving the nearly 3,000 youngsters taking part in the events, and several thousand spectators, with a weekend of sunshine to look forward to.

Met Office Forecaster Helen Chivers, said: "The latest forecast is for high pressure to dominate the weather over the weekend"

"This will bring very pleasant sunny conditions for those taking part in the Ten Tors and the Jubilee Challenge with daytime temperatures of around 10 degrees. 

"Although it’s not going to be hot by day, the sun is strong at this time of year, so sun cream will be a must. But the clear skies will mean it will be a little chilly at night."

The weather has always played an important part in making Ten Tors the challenge that it is, right from the very beginning in 1960. 

The youngsters taking part in Ten Tors today will have trained for more than four months - and in all weathers - to make sure they’re fit and ready for their arduous 35, 45 or 55 mile treks and for the 15 mile long Jubilee Challenge.

Over the past days the Army, which organises Ten Tors, has been constantly checking weather forecasts and consulting with its civilian partners such as the Dartmoor National Park Authority and Dartmoor Rescue Group to analyse the conditions on the wider moor.

Measures have already been taken to mitigate any potential issues caused by the recent bad weather at Okehampton Camp itself. 

In the past 48 hours, some of the one thousand Armed Forces Personnel on duty at Ten Tors have worked tirelessly to make sure car parks and tracks are safe for the hundreds of vehicles expected on the site.  

For more information on the weather, the Met Office has a dedicated page to for Ten Tors 2012: