Crawley Debates 'State Of Borough'

Crawley is holding a State of the Borough' debate on January 24th; an event that started in 2006 and emulates America's 'State of the Nation' speech.

You have to register to attend; follow the link

People will have the chance to question politicians, health professionals and members of the emergency services about life in Crawley.

Progress over the last year will be discussed and questions answered about the future of the town. Last year, the hot issue was cars parking on grass verges; you can find out what has been done to tackle the problem.

The leader of the council has told Heart (hear our interview below) that he expects the Local Plan to be an important topic this year. Cllr Bob Lanzer also expects questions on the future of Gatwick; plans for the town centre, Broadfield Stadium and the campaign for an Acute Hospital with A&E facilities for Crawley and the surrounding area. At the moment people have to travel to Redhill or Brighton for major casualty treatment, although Crawley and Haywards Heath have 'walk in' facilities.

Crawley also has (uniquely to the area) a large social housing stock with around 8,000 council owned homes; a major Industrial Estate and with its history of once being a New Town corporation, is a major landowner.

We asked Cllr Lanzer about worries of over-development but he is convinced that the town has to grow both in terms of housing and commerce in order to prosper. He is proud of te area's sports facilities, theatre and three parks. He also points to the community feel of the town which is split into 'neighbourhoods like Tilgate, Broadfield and Langley Green.'

Crawley State of Borough debate - Cllr Bob Lanzer