Crawley Tackles Mini-Motos

9 September 2010, 14:26 | Updated: 13 September 2010, 12:59

Mini-motos – small, off-road motorbikes – and trail bikes are a nuisance when ridden on pavements and the town’s green, open spaces, says Crawley Council

However, many young people who own these bikes do so responsibly, riding off-road, away from people and in organised clubs.

Residents complain regularly to councillors about young people riding on pavements and near houses, so the council is looking at ways to get them out of built-up areas.

Councillor Nigel Boxall, Cabinet member for Community Engagement, said: “We know that many people dislike these off-road vehicles because they are noisy and dangerously ridden on streets and pavements.

“However, many people want to use off-road vehicles responsibly so we are looking at ways we can help. This includes looking at established and new sites for riders, which would help remove the menace of people riding in built-up areas.”

Sussex Police and Crawley Borough Council want to stop the unacceptable use of mini-motos and encourage residents to report all cases being driven on pavements, roads, open spaces, parks and playgrounds.

If this nuisance is happening now, ring 999. Otherwise, if you have any information about who is responsible, call the police on 0845 60 70 999 or the council on 01293 438000. You can also report online at