'Drugsbus' begins tour of County

Surrey Police, armed with their 'drugbuster' bus, will begin a two-week tour of the County today to publicise the dangers of illegal drugs and explain the support currently available for users.

The Force will be working with representatives from the Surrey Drugs Alcohol Team (DAAT) and other organisations, to offer help to anyone with concerns about drugs.

Starting in Woking, the 'Drugsbus' will be parking up in town centres across the County, inviting people on board to view educational DVDs and to discuss any problems they have, in an informal and confidential environment.

Two other vehicles will be joining the 'drugbusting' convoy  in the shape of an Aston Martin and a Jeep Cherokee. Both were seized from a drug dealer under the Proceeds of Crime Act and will be parked alongside the bus in each of the town centres.

It's hoped these will act as a reminder to those involved in the supply of drugs that not only will they be prosecuted, but their assets will be seized as well.

Following this tour, both cars will be auctioned with the proceeds being invested in initiatives to tackle drugs.

As well as the bus, 'Safer Neighbourhood Teams' from each town will be on hand to encourage local people to be the 'eyes and ears' of the Police in reporting any suspicious behaviour and drug use in the area.

Speaking about the initiative, Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Deanus said:

"Drugs continue to be a blight in many neighbourhoods across Surrey. The use of illegal drugs not only damages the lives of those who use them but also leaves a trail of victims of a variety of crimes in their wake. They rob, burgle and steal to get the money to fund their habits.
"We are working with our partners to turn people away from drugs and offer help, support and treatment to users. Communities should not have to tolerate drug dealing and we will relentlessly target those involved in their supply."