Emergency Services Award

The Emergency Services Award goes to The Sussex Neonatal Transport Service

The Nomination

We are a team of 10 nurses, doctors and ambulance crew. We are highly specialised professionals who stabilise and transfer sick and premature newborn babies to centres with Intensive Care facilities. We often travel 300 miles in a day to move babies requiring this level of care and often over-run on our shifts to complete the transfer of a sick babies. A 16 hour shift is fairly common to ensure that the baby receives the necessary care. We cover all hospitals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. My team are very dedicated and will not think twice about working late if it means that a baby receives a safe transfer and therefore has the best chance of surviving their illness or prematurity. When a family have a baby and things have not gone the way they should, we are responsible for reassuring them and giving them the required information so that they understand what is happening to their baby and why they have to be moved from Mum to another hospital (sometimes up to 100 miles away).

Pictured are Maik Honsel, Andy Frame and Louise Barton


Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance

Horsham Community Nurses


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Emergency Services Award - Heart Local Hero Award