Mum of the Year

The Mum of the Year is Emma Williams

The nomination

Emma, who lives in Oxted, is Mum to Alice (14) and Matthew (16).  Matthew is severley disabled, has complex epilepsy, cannot stand, walk or talk and has a mental age of approx 12-15 months.  Matthew attends Clifton Hill special needs day-school in Caterham and despite his many disabilities Emma has been determined for him to stay living at home with his Mum and sister.  As well as looking after Matthew, Emma started a charity in 2004 (Matthew's Friends), to help support families of children with severe epilepsy.  The charity has grown rapidly through her hard work and dedication and is now an internationally recognised authority on dietary treatments for epilepsy.  Matthew's Friends are soon to open their new centre to treat children and adults, based at the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy in Lingfield, Surrey - all down to Emma's hard-work, determination and enthusiasm. 



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Marilyn Nolan

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Mum of the Year - Heart Local Hero Award
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