18 Year Picks Up Award From Dorset Police

An 18-year-old man has received a Dorset Police Teenage Award for selflessly donating his time and energy to helping others.

Calum Manton, from Poole, was nominated for a Dorset Police Teenage Award by the Poole Town and Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team.  
He was presented with the award for his tireless enthusiasm, commitment and dependability shown when volunteering with the Poole Town and Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team and the local community.
The Teenage Award Scheme is an initiative aimed at recognising teenagers that do good deeds across Dorset. The main purpose behind the scheme is to promote positive impressions of young people by rewarding them with a certificate of recognition. 
Calum regularly accompanies officers whilst out on foot and mobile patrol as an observer and attends ‘Cops at the Shops’ meetings designed to interact with the community. During these meetings Calum enthusiastically captures data from members of the public to assist with setting meaningful community priorities.
Poole Safer Neighbourhood officer, David Tew, said:

“Calum is an exceptional young man who gives his spare time willingly andenthusiastically to Dorset Police. 
“He has helped tirelessly with general administration in the Poole Town Safer Neighbourhood Office and for community forums andevents. 
“Calum has also given in his own time to betrained for Ringmaster, which is a community messaging service keeping residents informed of important events in the area.

“I have never before seen such a young person who is so enthusiastic to help, not only the police, but also the general public and community.
“In a very short space of time Calum has become a very popular and dependable member of the team who gives his time to assist both the police and the community. 
“Callum is a very mature, polite and enthusiasticyoung man with a very bright future ahead of him.”
To find out more about the Teenage Award Scheme, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on101, or visit www.dorset.police.uk.