Beaminster Tunnel Work Nearly Finished

Exploration work by engineers on the Beaminster Tunnel in Dorset is nearly complete.

It's after it collapsed in July -killing two people driving through it at the time.

Engineers have been investigating a variety of options for the tunnel, which they are putting before councillors in early October.

They've measured the strength of the existing side walls of the tunnel entrances and the structure of the soil on the hillside.

They have also considered the opportunity of providing a temporary solution (including a temporary extention) as each of the permanent options is likely to take several months.

Councillors will have to consider the technical advice, as well as each scheme's practicality, speed and cost.

The options are:

-reducing the likelihood of further slips by stabilising the slope
-permanently extending the tunnel
-reducing the amount of soil on the hillside
-removing the tunnel and creating a cutting
-building a bypass round the tunnel

People will have a chance to find out how these would work in practice at a meeting in Beaminster's Public Hall on Thursday 18 October at 6.30pm.

Engineers will explain the options in more detail and be available to answer questions.

Find out more HERE

Watch a video update on the tunnel by Councillor Rebecca Knox below.