Boscombe Surf Reef To Re-Open

9 December 2013, 12:30

The Boscombe surf reef will be re-opened but not re-built.

Bournemouth Borough Council says it will be making the reef safe for everyone as it will form part of the Coastal Activity Park, to be used by the likes of surfers, swimmers and snorkelers.

The firm that built the £3.2 million structure, New Zealand-based ASR, went into liquidation with the council is one of its creditors. The council has now received an insurance payout of around £300,000 from the company.

Mark Smith, Service Director for Tourism said:

"The Council has successfully reached an insurance settlement for the surf reef and so is now undertaking the necessary work to ensure the reef is safe for people to use.

"This is progressing well and the reef will form an integral part of the Coastal Activity Park which is scheduled to open in Spring 2014.

"The Coastal Activity Park plans will appeal to a wide range of people meaning that more and more residents and visitors will, once it is reopened, begin to enjoy the reef and the wider Boscombe seafront area, as an enhanced leisure amenity."

The reef has been closed as a precautionary safety measure since being hit by a boat propeller on 31 March 2011.