Bournemouth Mum talks about Flat Fire

A Bournemouth mum has been telling HEART how a new support service helped her cope in the aftermath of a fire at her home last month.

Pamela Adams and her 13 year old son have been among the first people in the Dorset to experience
the Fire and Emergency Support Service (FESS).

Trained volunteers from the Red Cross go to the scene of an incident within 90 mminutes of it being reported.

The service uses a customised vehicle that is complete with a shower, cooker, kettle and supplies. This allows the volunteers to offer help in the form of shelter, food, toiletries and clothing. They can also provide access to a mobile phone so people can contact any family or friends to let them know they're safe.

Inside the FESS Vehicle

Pamela says her family had a lucky escape, as when the blaze happened, she hadn't replaced the homes broken fire alarm.

Pamela said: "I am in complete shock, I just can't believe it. The smoke alarms had been fitted by the fire service five years' ago but started beeping the week before so I took them down as they were driving me mad."

"The ironic thing is that on my list of things to do that day was to go to B&Q and buy a replacement smoke alarm. I had no idea that you could call the fire service and they would come and replace them free of charge."

Chief Fire Officer, Darran Gunter said: "This excellent new service will allow Dorset Fire and Rescue Service to work in partnership with Red Cross volunteers, to provide a new facility to those unlucky enough to experience many of the different types of incidents we attend."