Cable Snaps On Theme Park Ride

A woman's been taken to hospital, and two children treated for shock after a cable snapped on a family theme park ride in Bournemouth.

She suffered bruising to her back, and two children were treated for shock at Adventure Wonderland near Bournemouth Airport yesterday.

The park has released this statement:

"At 3.15 pm it was reported to the Duty Manager that a fault had occurred with the Polydrop Ride.An emergency procedure was immediately put in process.

"It was ascertained that the seating part of the ride was half way to normally reaching the ground (15ft) when an unknown fault occurred and it descended to ground level.

"As with all rides this one is fitted with a back up cable which as designed cushioned the decent of the seating and led to a safe decent of the seating.These cables were replaced and inspected as part of the safety procedure just one month ago.

"The base of the ride is also fitted with a dampening mechanism.There were 2 children and one woman in the seating at the time.

"The children were checked over and were completely uninjured. As a precaution the woman was sent to hospital with minor muscle bruising.

"All our rides are fully certified annually by a Safety Inspector and then checked stringently on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. The incident as a matter of procedure is subject to an HSE inspection.

"No other part of the Park was affected and the remainder of the Park remains open as normal.

The Park has 21 years of an exemplary safety record and is aided by the fact that all the rides are classed as Junior so are all of a small nature."