Camera Car On Patrol In Poole!

The enforcement of loading restrictions in busy retail areas in Poole is due to be boosted with the aid of a camera car.

Borough of Poole introduced the new facility in September to help patrol and enforce parking restrictions. The vehicle, fitted with a mobile CCTV Camera, has been used in critical safety areas such as school zig zags, bus stop clearways and taxi bays.

In order to deal with traffic congestion in some of Poole's busiest shopping streets, the camera car will now be used in roads where loading and waiting is prohibited.

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, said:

"We have seen the camera car working really well in other areas and know that it's a cost-effective method of preventing serious accidents and solving the problem of dangerous parking."

Drivers contravening loading restrictions risk receiving a Penalty Charge Notice. Images captured by the camera car instantly record the offence using Automatic Number Plate Recognition and the vehicle owner will then be notified through the post within two weeks.

The safety camera car will be driving around Poole

The camera car will begin patrolling loading bans from 13 February.