Caravan's Help Love Last In Dorset!

Couples in Dorset wanting their relationship to go the distance should invest in a caravan - because it seems those that caravan together, stay together.

Research published today shows that having a home on wheels keeps the love alive with a poll of happy caravanning couples in Dorset revealing that for 80%, caravanning was the secret to a long lasting relationship.

They?re so loved up that over a third (38%) agreed that the shared enjoyment of caravanning was important to the success of the relationship, ensuring that they managed to spend quality time together.

Caravan fans are calling on sceptics to try a caravan break for themselves.

According to the research, a third (33%) felt a caravan holiday had a positive effect on their relationship by allowing them to escape the 'daily grind'.

It also allows for longer breaks with 61% holidaying in a motorhome, caravan or tent for more than five weeks of the year.

The UK caravan industry is worth in excess of £6 billion a year to the UK economy (in terms of sale of products, services and holiday spend and holidaying at home is more popular than ever, with spend on domestic camping and caravan trips up 11% in 2011.