Cardboard Lifeboat Goes On Display

A cardboard replica of a lifeboat has gone on display at the RNLI College in Poole.

Complete with a detailed console and paddles, the inshore lifeboat is ''stunningly lifelike'', according to the RNLI.

The cardboard boat was created by artist Mirek Lucan as part of The Global Cardboard Challenge, an initiative launched to inspire creativity in youngsters while also raising funds for The Imagination Foundation.

Mirek, who was born in Czechoslovakia but moved to the UK almost 10 years ago, said:

''It had to be transportable, and detachable. I wanted it to be easily taken apart and put together again without changing the shape or damaging the structure.''

He was also bound by time according to the rules of the challenge, as the boat had to be put together in seven days.

Mirek's project was inspired by his love of the coast. His own memories of lifeboats were so strong he was able to create the entire model from memory without plans or sketches. He also made cork lifejackets to go with the boat.

The RNLI's inshore lifeboats are currently built at the Inshore Lifeboat Centre (ILC) on the Isle of Wight. Glyn Ellis, operations manager at the ILC, said:

''Building an inshore lifeboat is a lengthy process, and there is a high level of detail that goes into each individual boat.

"Creating a cardboard version must have required a similar level of attention to detail. It usually takes us seven weeks, so to complete one in seven days is impressive.''

The cardboard lifeboat will be on display in the foyer of the RNLI College, in Poole, from November 12th to 14th.