Cerne Abass Giant Is 'Most Risque"

Dorset has made it into a world list of ultimate sights produced by travel guide company Lonely Planet.

It names 1000 places to visit, including The Cerne Abbas Giant.

Carved on a hillside, the naked giant is clearly in an excited state, so much so that he makes it into the ''most risque'' site category along with locations such as Amsterdam's Red Light District and the Moulin Rouge in Paris;

Some of the other sights included:

:: Stonehenge - The Wiltshire ancient stone spectacle appears in the top 10 in three separate categories - most mysterious sight, most brilliant night sky and best sunrise/sunset;

:: Baker Street, London - Voted as one of the best literary sites thanks to Conan Doyle basing Sherlock Holmes' home at 221b Baker Street (which does not actually exist). Baker Street, a major Tube hub, also made it into the most interesting subway station category - an accolade perhaps lost on those stuck there when the London Underground is playing up;

:: Blackpool Illuminations - The northern England's resort's main claim to fame was considered one of the top 10 ''kitschiest sights'' and was seen as ''tacky, trashy and, in recent years, a little bit tawdry''. However, the guide adds: ''Blackpool doesn't care, because 16 million a year don't either.''

:: Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire - The Major Oak near the village of Edwinstone is in the list of noteworthy trees. It is 800 years old and legend has it that it harboured Robin Hood and his men;

:: Selfridges, Birmingham - Likened by the guide to ''a peanut with acne'', this store in the Bullring shopping centre is in the world's craziest buildings category. Also in this category is the Atomium constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Fair;

:: Notting Hill Carnival, west London - Described as the UK capital's ''top summer knees-up'' with ''sassy outfits'', the Notting Hill event is considered one of the 10 most entertaining parades in the world.

This list also features The Shetland Islands' Up-Helly-Aa festival where locals annually acknowledge their Norse past by setting fire to a replica Viking longship;

:: Beachy Head, East Sussex - The highest chalk cliff in England at 531ft, it is included as one of the most ''vertigo-inducing cliffs'' and is described as a ''seemingly impervious wall of white rock, guarding a section of England's Channel coast''.