Child Hurt After Ride's Emergency Stop

A child's been taken to hospital after a ride at a children's theme park near Bournemouth's made an emergency stop.

It happened at Adventure Wonderland at Hurn on Monday 27th May.

A statement from the park says:

'At approximately 1.45pm the Runaway Train detected a fault as it made its final approach to the station and as part of its safety programme stopped immediately.

'All passengers were restrained by the safety barriers but the sudden stop caused several minor injuries to several of the passengers.

'The train was travelling at no more than 5mph at the time. Passengers all safely embarked the Runaway Train from the normal station. One child was taken to hospital with minor cuts.

'The Runaway Train was closed as a standard precaution and was the subject of a Health and Safety Inspection on Tuesday morning (28th May). This has now been carried out and the problem has been identified as an over sensitive breaking system, which has now been rectified and independently inspected.

'The ride is now approved for operation and has reopened.'