Teen Badly Burnt At BBQ Is Home

5 July 2010, 18:17

A teenage boy from Bournemouth has been telling Heart about the moment he was hit by a fireball from a BBQ.

16-year-old Will Reynolds spent two months in hospital after white spirit was reportedly poured onto the coals causing them to blow up in his face at his friends house in Christchurch back in May.

"I realised I was on fire and got up and just ran through the house and into the front garden", Will told Heart. "I tried rolling onto the floor but where it was all soaked into my clothes it wouldn't go out and kept re-igniting. The pain that I went though, no-one could ever put me through that again."

William Reynolds - burn victim

He has had ten operations including four skin grafts where doctors removed skin from his legs to go on his chest and arms, and will not be able to be exposed to direct sunlight for atleast two years while he recovers.

Will says he will never forget what happened: "I get flashbacks of what happened and it's horrible because I see it over and over again. It's like a move clip saved in your head so it's always going to be there. Until only a few weeks ago I could still hear the hiss of the flames. it's horrible."

Will's friends and family are now trying to raise money to renovate a garage at his house that he can use to meet his friends in while he recovers.

"It will be well cool. I am so grateful to everyone, not just my friends and family who have been there for me. I couldn't thank them enough to be honest," said Will.

If you think you can help with 'Operation Garage' call 07983 250078.

Anyone wanting to donate money to the project can do so by going to any Santander bank branch and quoting account number 75607409.

Dorset police are investigating but say they have made no arrests.