Coastal Storm Damage Repairs In Christchurch

6 March 2014, 09:24 | Updated: 6 March 2014, 09:33

Specialists in civil engineering and coastal defence are starting emergency works at Avon and Friars Cliff beaches in Christchurch.

The Borough Council say an unprecedented sequence of winter storms, resulting in the lowest beach levels seen for over 40 years, has exposed dangerous ageing timber groyne structures. 

During the most recent storm on the 14th February both beaches suffered extensive damage to the existing defences and promenade including the loss of at least 55 beach huts from Avon Beach. 

At Friars Cliff beach, three timber groynes have been rendered hazardous and are being replaced with rock armour structures as an emergency measure. Rock groyne construction will be completed before the Easter holidays. 

A section of the sea wall along Avon beach has also been given the added protection of rock armour and associated works which were also carried out by Earlcoate Construction. 

Final reinstatement of the promenade will take place this week.