Concern Over Poole's Level Crossing

28 June 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 28 June 2010, 10:17

Shoppers in Poole still aren't listening to warnings to use the highstreets level crossing responsibly.

Network Rail has told HEART they've now identified the town as a 'Priority Area', following repeat reports of people sprinting across as the barriers come down.

They're now running a series of Safety Awareness events in the town to get the message across and say they'll keep coming back until people here stop breaking the law:

“Safety awareness events like the one at Poole last week help us get the message across that’s it’s not worth running the risk at level crossings.

Misuse is unfortunately still a big issue at this crossing – even with police officers in attendance we saw people breaking the law, crossing with the warning lights flashing and the barriers coming down.

Younger people aren’t the only culprits but the police did have words with a number of them including mums with pushchairs sprinting across the crossing to beat the barriers.

Hopefully the message got through – but we will be back in future to make sure people are using the crossing safely.”

Not long ago a video taken at Wareham's Level Crossing caused widespread shock at one mum's mad dash - see the video by clicking here...

Mum at Wareham Level Crossing