Conman Jailed For Two Years

A Poole man has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to fraud.

45-year-old Roy Moyse from Poole, conned a 50-year-old woman from Christchurch with whom he was in a short term relationship.

She was left with losses of over £200,000 and Moyse admitted that he had benefitted from cash in the region of £130,000 - £150,000.

He had discovered she was divorcing her husband and due to receive a large financial settlement.

Moyse used this money to pay off gambling debts and place further bets online.

Moyse met the victim in August 2010, and after a short time the pair began dating.

Between September 2010 and March 2011, she made various small loans to Moyse which he failed to pay back, claiming on numerous occasions that he was due to receive large cash injections from various business deals to reimburse her.

In September 2011, the victim received her divorce settlement, and was persuaded by Moyse to place the money in an internet account and give him access.

He then made numerous unauthorised transfers from the account to his own, and it was alleged that he drew money out of ATMs using credit cards he had stolen from the victim.

On Monday 22 April 2013, Moyse appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court charged with six counts of fraud.

He pleaded guilty to defrauding the Royal Bank of Scotland with unauthorised bank transfers, but pleaded not guilty to the other counts involving credit cards.

Moyse was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Financial Investigator Roger Doerr, of the Poole Fraud Investigation Unit, said:

“This was a callous crime carried out by a previously convicted fraudster preying on a victim’s vulnerability.

“Moyse used lies and deceit to obtain funds from the victim.”