Could You Save A Life?

12 April 2010, 15:48 | Updated: 12 April 2010, 15:50

One in six of us in Dorset say we wouldn't feel confident enough to try and save someones life if they needed vital first aid.

That's according to a survey by St John's Ambulance, who have launched a campaign to get more people first aid trained.

It is offering a free pocket-sized guide featuring first aid skills that can help in these life-threatening situations. The public are also encouraged to donate to the charity to help others become ‘the difference’.

Stephanie Allen, County Executive Officer of St John Ambulance Dorset, comments:

"We believe that anyone who needs first aid should receive it and yet, as our latest research shows, that’s not happening. This highlights that we can’t rely on other people to have the skills - everyone should take the responsibility to learn first aid themselves.

"Armed with this knowledge we can all be the difference between a life lost and a life saved."

St John Ambulance is committed to ensuring everyone has the basic first aid knowledge that could save someone's life.

To get your free pocket sized guide, just text LIFE to 85010 or visit the St John Ambulance website for more information on the campaign.

You can also get advice on your iPhone with the St John Ambulance first aid app, available through iTunes.